Leatherberry Acres has many activities to entertain and educate you during your time here. Please note that all the many activities we have to offer cannot be listed here. Here is a little snapshot of what you can expect. 

Sunflower Maze

Get lost in our 4-acre Sunflower maze! While you explore the maze, have fun solving the mystery game! Multiple sunflower fields are planted to ensure blooms for weeks!

  • 2015 Corn Maze
  • 2016 Corn Maze
  • 2017 Corn Maze
  • 2017 Sunflower Maze
  • 2018 Corn Maze
  • 2018 Sunflower Maze

Hemp Maze

Wisconsin’s first Hemp Maze!! Get lost in our 4-acre Hemp maze while learning about the plants’ industrial uses and alternative health applications along with other interesting facts.

Corn Maze

We offer a 4-acre corn maze complete with games to enjoy while you navigate the trails.

Wagon Tours

We schedule guided wagon tours of the farm throughout the day. Seats are limited to first come first serve. Please ask at check-in for the tour schedule.

Bales Pyramid

Climb the pyramid of straw bales!

Barrel Train Ride

Take a windy ride around The Acres.

Bee Line

Take a ride on our 200′ zip line and learn about honey bees!

Giant Slide

Take a ride down our seed chute slides. It’s the perfect route to get to our Tired Park!

Petting Zoo

Come out and visit all our animals while learning interesting facts. Feed the goats!

Pumpkin Cannon

Fire our Pumpkin Cannon for a chance to win!

Rock Wall

Want another round on the slide? Climb up our rock wall and do it all over again.

Tired Park

Climb, crawl and jump around our tire park. Climb to the top of our tire pyramid and stay and play in the sand. Need a break? Enjoy a seat under an umbrella while the kids burn off some energy!