Tyler and Karalee Leatherberry … two people who chose to get lost in life together and drag all of you along with them!

We help people have fun getting lost. We love watching people make memories…especially the kind that encourages a lifetime of laughter. We launched this business as a way to help families and friends get outside and have a lot of fun making memories. We are constantly thinking up crazy ideas and a lot of the time we try to implement them. The ones that make it are the few that actually proved to be worthwhile. We love to meet new people and have met so many from around the world thanks to Leatherberry Acres.

Our passions include animals, farming, adventure and experiencing new things. Tyler is the entertainer, builder, and maintenance man for Leatherberry Acres. Karalee enjoys the background work of designing, managing and creating. We are so honored to share a bit of us with you.

In 2015 we jumped into the world of Agritourism. It has been an interesting ride and we have learned a lot along the way. We believe that is what life is all about. We look forward to meeting you out here for our Maze Seasons!